Israeli 3D Artist Gal Yosef Brings the Crypto Bull Society Vision to Life

Just Having a Raging Bull NFT is enough to put you in position to potentially win some ADA or an NFT in our bull rush. Our Bull rush event consists of the Raging Bull team using the community ADA supply to sweep various NFT floors and redistribute them to holders in a random raffle drawing. We advise you to ‘do your own research’ before interacting with this https://maztool.com/ project. This notification is shown based on claims by community members contacting Cardano Cube. A project will be archived when the direct link to their website or social media accounts are broken or if there is too little online activity from the project to still be listed. The NFT subreddit is a gathering for those interested in Non-Fungible Tokens.

  • Like opensea, you need to have a metamask wallet with some ETH in it.
  • Holders will be able to wager their Crypto Bull to obtain Bull Tokens, which can be used to obtain a free Crypto Bear NFT. The idea was inspired by the original Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street.
  • Since Gary has a lot of social presence and millions of followers, I expect Veefriends to be successful.
  • Atala PRISM Atala PRISM is a decentralized identity solution that enables people to own their personal data.
  • The Bull Society is building an uniquely close community that focuses on rewarding NFT holders with passive income.

The community’s focus is on artistic pursuits and providing an outlet for creative expression. There are a multitude of benefits to conducting thorough background verification processes on anyone wishing to join your project’s team. To start, verifying a candidate’s identity and https://maztool.com/currencies/1-up/1-up/ background history is an excellent deterrent for malicious partners, as most will target weaker enterprises that do not bother with such verifications. Secondly, identifying potential risks prior to hiring someone provides an opportunity to disqualify high-risk individuals.

Liquidifty crushes the marketplace competition with transactions and total volume. Binance will add the new feature as a risk control mechanims to users. 2022 was an incredibly tough year for crypto users––from Luna to 3AC to FTX and more. Those who stuck it out and made it through 2022 are hardened survivors. Don’t forget to download the BSC News mobile application on iOS and Android to keep up with all the latest news for BNB Chain and crypto. And the holders are from all over the world, from nearly every continent too.

How many Crypto Bull Society NFTs were sold in the last 24 hours?

“Through ups and downs in the project’s lifecycle, things have changed, but one thing that has stood strong and prevailed for the better in the community, which has become more of a family than anything else,” says Drover. It is not advisable nor necessary to ask for any sensitive information like a credit card number or social security number, which are not needed for the verification process. Prosecutors have come after American hedge funds to examine dealings with Binance that could have potentially violated money-laundering laws, according to a January 7 article in the Washington Post. Citing unnamed sources who reviewed the subpoenas, Douglas MacMillan and Tory Newmyer say that hedge funds received instructions to hand over communication records with Binance. The leading NFTs on Liquidifty are the GamesPad Collection, Pirate Tale Treasure, Ftrib Fighter Boxes, and NFTs related to the Drunk Robots GameFi. The GameFi attractions bring users to Liquidifty, with the platform seeing a strong core of users spending solid figures.

Crypto Bull Society NFT

Its founder, Bull Boss, is saying that the team’s move will be the new status symbol in the blockchain. Once they are out, getting the exclusive physical items may pose a challenge. According to a Harvard report on what makes a successful startup team, recruiting the right people is a key determinant, and data suggests that 60% of new ventures fail due to issues with the team. The composition of a team factors into the success of Web3 projects, but it is also critical for their integrity and security.

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The objective is not to accuse or force the person to tell the truth, but only to collect information and do a risk assessment. Any red flag, unusual answers, inconsistencies and discrepancies are useful information for the later verifications and risk assessment. It is quick and cheap – typically costing about US$2 per lookup, and while the lingo sounds reassuring to the non-specialist, it actually creates a misleading and false sense of security.

A community-driven project that features a futuristic cyberpunk theme with many utilities offered such as virtual world, deflationary mechanism and more. Community designed to create a fun space for people to have opportunities to grow their NFT collection and multiply their ADA supply. Gal has worked with the biggest brands and artists around the world . The Crypto Bull Society is a collection of 7.777 unique Crypto Bulls, designed by one of the world’s best 3D Artists, Gal Yosef. The 4k NFT collection, Crypto Bull Society , unveiled this week its new community-controlled leadership team. This new leadership team includes Floki, Drover, DocDollas and Chris, four of the community’s foundational members.

Due to the success of the original sculpture, the artist was commissioned to come up with a variety that will be sold to private collectors around the world. The same optimism and bullish nature are expected to be channeled from Wall Street to the metaverse. Some of the most devastating can come from inside a project team, from a trusted member of the group. A vital element in reducing the risk of insider threats in crypto projects is to thoroughly vet new team members. However, many people skip this essential step due to the perceived complexity or daunting nature of the process. In this article, our former law enforcement investigators give you simple, practical advice on how to conduct the kind of background checks that will help guarantee the security of your Web3 project or investment.

8 Haziran 2021

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