How to Buy Dogecoin on Coinbase

Despite being a meme coin, Dogecoin is one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies to buy and hold in 2022. Once completed, the fiat currency you used to purchase such as USD or GBP will be returned to your account balance along with any profits you may have earned. Dogecoin cannot be mined as the cryptocurrency does not offer that functionality. Alternatively, you could buy DOGE coins stored on a paper wallet from someone you know face to face. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and Dogecoin is no different.

  • With a convenient iDEAL payment service, you can have your Bitcoins or Ethereum bought in no time!
  • Hence, if you are using the web wallet or mobile multicurrency wallet and have chosen Moonpay as your payment provider, the purchase limits will depend on your account level.
  • This is not investment advice; please do your research before putting real money on the line.

Beyond that, there have been issues with exchanges being hacked or engaging in less-than-ethical behavior. Once you have a list of Dogecoin exchanges, you then need to make sure they offer trading in your country, and if they do, make sure they are offering those services legally. While there are a number of exchanges that may offer Dogecoin for trading, finding the right one may take time. You do not want to simply go with the first Dogecoin exchange you find. Take the time to evaluate your needs and investigate exchanges to find the one that works best for you. Do your own research about Dogecoin and how to trade cryptocurrencies.

What is the Dogecoin blockchain?

If the Dogecoin community does fall away, then it could be replaced by one of the many new meme coins out there. No other cryptocurrency really compares to Dogecoin when https://tradecrypto.com/events/ico-events/avoteo/ you factor in its loyal community and army. Fortunately for Dogecoin, a lot of those challenges don’t matter because it’s a cryptocurrency made for a bit of fun.

  • The key to any successful trading is to know the market you’re speculating on and its patterns and trends, to be able to accurately predict its movements.
  • Simply enter the amount of BTC and press the button preview conversion.
  • We offer one of the best rates for any operations with Dogecoin.
  • Choose PayPal as your preferred payment method, and follow the instructions to link your PayPal account to eToro.
  • Exchanging money for Dogecoin involves the buyer, seller, and broker platform.

Aside from that, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency much like many others. It’s a coin mined through a proof-of-work consensus algorithm, and miners receive it as a reward for solving blocks. It uses https://tradecrypto.com/news/nft-news/nft-sales-surge-in-7-months/ blockchain technology, however, unlike Bitcoin, there is no cap on the amount of Dogecoin that can be mined. That makes it an inflationary coin instead of a deflationary coin like Bitcoin.

Market Cap

Prices will certainly fluctuate, as do most cryptocurrencies. The crypto was created in 2 hours, as a fork from Lucky coin, forked from Litecoin, which was by itself forked from Bitcoin. As a parody, they try to make the coin unusable for serious purposes, only encouraging users to tip their friends over social media. For instance, it had a random reward block size and launched with billions of coins, set to increase at 10,000 coins per minute forever.

Who got rich off Dogecoin?

This 33-year-old 'dogecoin millionaire' is now being paid in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency—and continues to buy the dips. Glauber Contessoto, 33, invested over $250,000 in dogecoin in February. Glauber Contessoto took a big risk on dogecoin, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that began as a joke, earlier this year.

In this way, DOGE acts like a monetary way to “like” someone’s post. However, Dogecoin is unlikely to be useful in a broader sense until adoption rates are higher. Being an inflationary coin encourages users to spend Dogecoin, rather than see the value of their coins fall over time.

Exchange Seamlessly

Tips are submitted via dedicated Bots that, when tagged, process the transaction from the user’s balance. Seeing the interest from investors, we decided to make DOGE available to you, so you can sell and buy DOGE using the platform loved by 20,000 users – Egera. Submit the required documentation and provide https://tradecrypto.com/privacy-policy/ your best possible application. Although Dogecoin was originally founded as a joke, it has become a successful cryptocurrency in its own right. Part of this is due to the strong community surrounding Dogecoin. But if you are interested in getting into crypto, you probably want to know where to buy Dogecoin.

  • To buy DOGE via the spot trading orders, choose the DOGE/USD market and place your orders — the market for immediate purchase and limit for delayed trading at the settled price.
  • Also deposited funds are available within 5 minutes and withdrawals to my bank account have been instant (after the first withdrawal wh…
  • We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities.

Digital Dogecoin Wallet is easy to set up and easy to access, and it is available to use at no cost. However, it has some limitations like limited options, manual updates, and less security. Mention the Dogecoin wallet address of another user to whom Dogecoins need to be sent, and the amount you want to send. Request Coins – where you can raise a request for dogecoins from other users in the Dogecoin network. Enter your credit card details to complete the registration process and proceed to DOGE purchase.Select the Trade menu.

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Enter the amount you wish to add to your account and select your payment method. Enter the amount of Dogecoin you wish to purchase and click “open trade”. You will now have an open position in Dogecoin that you can close at any time. Enter the amount you wish to add to your eToro brokerage account and select your payment method. For those who are looking to trade Dogecoin, this section is worth reading before getting started. Bitpanda Payments is a subsidiary of Bitpanda and is a licensed payment service provider under PSD II/ZaDiG 2018 and is based in Austria.

  • However, not all cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for Dogecoin, and each platform can be different in terms of what’s allowed.
  • Dogecoin has existed for many years, and before its growth, it was initially trading for less than a penny.
  • Avoid investing more than you can afford to lose in a cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • For other payment options, the daily limit is €10,000 (€300,000 monthly).

However, you can use LocalBitcoins, which let you use PayPal to buy Bitcoin. Then you can transfer the Bitcoin to Changelly and trade it for Dogecoin. These keys also allow you to send, receive and spend cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Bitcoin – a feature absent from many of the crypto wallets provided by brokerages. But keep in mind that your broker or crypto exchange may charge trading fees for buying or selling cryptocurrency. You may see fees ranging from 0.05% to 5% per trade, according to financial services firm SoFi. However, some investing apps that offer crypto such as Robinhood and Webull offer commission-free crypto trades.

Navigate to our Convert page and swap your BTC, ETH, OKB, USDT, or other cryptocurrencies for DOGE without fees or spreads. OKX Earn offers flexible and low-risk savings on your DOGE investment. Navigate to OKX Earn and start earning interest on your DOGE holdings.

how to purchase dogecoin

July 2020 – A viral TikTok challenge sends Dogecoin volumes soaring, pushing the price up by 96%. Dogecoin began as a parody of the success of Bitcoin and Litecoin. The coin has now grown into a serious coin with a large and active community.

Cryptonex CNX

You can’t buy Dogecoin directly, but you can use a mainstream cryptocurrency, such as BTC or ETH, to buy Dogecoin. On the top right corner, you will see a button “Refill.” Push the button and choose the type of money you want to put on your balance (choose fiat if you’re going to put USD). Because there will never be a scarcity of Dogecoin, its value is unlikely to ever appreciate to the levels of Bitcoin. However, it is also popular with Litecoin miners, partly becauseDogecoin can be merge-mined with Litecoin, meaning both cryptos can be mined simultaneously using the same work. Dogecoin has a history of climbing up in value wheneverElon Musk tweets about it, only for its value to fall again in the following days.

Will DOGE be around in 5 years?

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2026

According to the Dogecoin (DOGE) price prediction, it may hit a maximum price of $0.45 and the minimum trading price of around $0.30 for the year 2026. At the same time, the average trading value may be around $0.38. A massive rally is expected in Dogecoin's price throughout the year.

If you would like to know more, we created a complete guide on the best crypto exchanges. Deposit some money into the crypto exchange using your preferred payment method. Contract for Differences or CFDs allows traders to speculate on the price of a coin without owning the underlying asset. They also enable leveraged trading https://tradecrypto.com/news/crypto-industry-news/bitcoin-atms-hacked/ which can increase profits through higher risk. For more information on Dogecoin, wallets check out our guide to the best Dogecoin wallets. However, typically you can use a Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet as they are the most popular amongst Redditors and are very secure according to our internal wallet reviews.

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